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Soldiers of Mars

Brush / Brush / Gilbert / Parker

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Richard Gilbert - lead vocal, bass
Chris Brush - guitars, vocals, keyboards, loops
Steve Brush - piano
Reid Parker - drums
Stephanie Brush - vocals

We are poets
And we're glad to throw ourselves upon the wall for hours at a time
Hear our poetry
Our lovers know we're obviously wallflowers
We dream and dream and dream

We fling ourselves to floor
To know that we're not poets anymore

She's a schoolgirl
She knows it's not alright to fight the anaesthesia
In her twilight sleep
She dares to see there's obviously no tomorrow
She bleeds, and bleeds, and bleeds
She throws herself through doors
To know there's no tomorrow anymore

But something draws her out to fight
She thinks she may, she thinks she might
And here she stands with eyes alive
She sees, and she believes!

Soldiers of Mars
Soldiers of Mars

He's a farm boy
Awakes to find the day
There's nothing new to say
And runs away

And the newsman
He sees it all, but photographs do not reveal how anybody feels

And the townsfolk
They drop their mops from hands and rush into the fields
Where everybody kneels
And all the balladeers are singing through their fears
And deafening in choruses
They see, and they believe!

Soldiers of Mars (look at how they breed)
Soldiers of Mars (sowing every seed)
Soldiers of Mars (at superhuman speed)

Years from now they'll know
When everyone is found
They never had, never had a chance

What do you think?