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No Ivy No

Brush / Brush / Gilbert / Parker

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Richard Gilbert - lead vocal, bass
Chris Brush - guitars, vocals, rhodes, loops, mandolin
Steve Brush - piano
Reid Parker - drums

Sad little wide-eyed child
Mystery men on trial
Somewhere beyond the Turnpike
They left her in the wild

Ivy lies all alone
Mumbles and coughs and groans
Don't try to touch her
Poor little mind is blown

Ivy don't take too long
Telling you what went wrong
She was taken out of context
To whom does she belong?

No Ivy, no
No Ivy, no
No Ivy, don't you speak
Say nothing
Right now you're far too weak

Ivy love everyone
Sit with her in the sun
So bashful at the onset
But look out now, here she come

Ivy came all this way
Everyone hoped she'd stay
Fishtank incident weekend
She threw it all away

What do you think?