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Great Swamp

Brush / Gilbert

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Richard Gilbert - lead vocas, bass
Chris Brush - guitars, vocals, samples
Steve Brush - piano
Reid Parker - drums
Stephanie Brush - vocals

Lately I've been thinking of you in the Great Swamp
You and me and nobody else in the Great Swamp
Gas is cheap and water is deep in the Great Swamp
And I think you and I ought to meet in the Great Swamp

And I need to know you know
But I don't remember how
Heaven knows I speak incessantly
And you don't say a thing

Don't tell me that I haven't been to the Great Swamp
Every day they're dragging me out of the Great Swamp
When, oh, when, will you follow me into the Great Swamp?
'Cuz I don't want to know that you don't want to go to the Great Swamp

I'll admit I'm insecure
And a little immature
And I ramble on incessantly
But you don't say a thing

And I need to see you here
I'm about to disappear
Until then I speak incessantly
And don't you say a thing

Will this madness never end?
Will we never meet again?
Where the flowers grow incessantly
And you are everything

And everything you do
Everything you do
Everything you do is all I need for you to do, etc.

I've settled for all you are
Seen an ordinary year so far
Until you fall apart

What do you think?